We are a venture
builder with a focus
on Tech Startups.

We are product builders.

At RockaLabs we are all about building, we prototype and test quickly, and we turn promising products into companies.

We design digital strategies.

We love scaling. We create businesses and technical strategies, and work to make it happen for each of our ventures.

We work remotely and efficiently.

We build remote teams in Europe and Latin America. We aim to build having a cost efficient structure.

Our approach.

We've got a formula for building products and assembling tech startups. We're open to get more entrepreneurs and collaborators on board. Join us and let's build meaningful products together.

We are in constant analysis to find new opportunities. We prototype, test and turn ideas into products.

Learn more about how we build at RockaLabs. See our approach

Get a strong product and tech team to help you build.
We do it remotely and efficiently.

RockaLabs provides strong tech teams to help you build product, technology and infrastructure. We are here to sharpen your idea, solve technical challenges, and prepare your tech for scale. Learn more

Are you an entrepreneur / investor / hacker looking to get involved in businesses from an early stage?

Talk to us! Learn more about joining RockaLabs and help us develop startups from the ground. Your talent, network and funding can make a difference with us. Join RockaLabs!

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Get news about RockaLabs, our building process and how our ventures make progress.

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We build solid Rockas.

We're fully committed to finding new ideas and opportunities that together with a great product, technology and team can disrupt potential markets.

Analysis → Idea → Test → Product → Growth

It all starts with a deep market analysis where we aim to identify potential ideas and opportunities for growing markets. It can be new ideas, proven businesses within other markets (that could be tropicalized) or optimizations for current [broken] business models.

Our potential ideas are exposed to more analysis and critical thinking processes in order to come up with a short list, that will then be validated with our world-class advisors. Once our mind is clear and we know the strategies for product development, technology and go-to-market, we move on to prototyping. Then we do a fast&furious(™) MVP process to test the market fit and only the ones that get validated will move on to the next stage: growth.

Depending on engagement and traction with our internal key metrics we decide whether we continue pushing hard with the product, maintain it in someway, or just kill it. A solid Rocka with traction will continue to grow with our support. We fully commit to work hard with the unique goal of bringing the startups to the next level, we recruit and choose top talent to join as co-founders or to be part of our operational support team.

We’re a solid team of entrepreneurs with proven experience and with a focus on technology.

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We are the solid tech team you're looking for.

We are ready to help you identify effective ways to build your product and to support you on the building process by bringing value on product management and giving you CTO-level expertise and advice.

Advising and co-building.

We offer product and technology advice for entrepreneurs who are building solid businesses and who want to make conscious decisions while scaling a platform.

We offer services as:

Sometimes we join as co-building partner. It means that our remuneration can be a mix of service fee + equity. This approach is intented to help entrepreneurs offering same quality service for lower costs.

How do we charge?

We charge for our services in a monthly basis, we become your seasoned tech team to help build your product. Some consulting services like product analysis and strategy or technology architecture design can be charged per service.

We love solving difficult problems. Let us know how we can help you.

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Join and kick-ass with us.

You're full of talent and eager to work with like-minded and hardworking entrepreneurs, because you know that the key to success is hard work and surrounding yourself in the company of other amazing talent like you.

So, we’ve got great news! We're always looking for the best talent to join and collaborate with us. Business entrepreneurs, sales geniuses, coders, all-night hackers, product designers… If you love what you do, and what we do, we’ll find a fit for you; building meaningful products and putting solid Rockas everywhere we step.

Were you born with the itch of an entrepreneur but you feel you can’t do it alone?...talk to us! ;) - join@rockalabs.com

Invest on solid opportunities from an early stage.

As we do what we love, we build potential business that you’re going to love too. Our early stage involvement and building process is a great opportunity for you in case you want to make small investments. We are looking for pre-seed rounds that help us build prototypes and let the investors be part of the projects from their foundations.

After an MVP takes off and turns into an independent company we start looking for seed rounds that help create the best team to keep developing the product and business with a focus on scaling.

Talk to us if you believe in our team, our formula, and want to be part of RockaLabs - the venture builder.

Want to learn more? investments@rockalabs.com


Get news about RockaLabs, our building process and how our ventures make progress.